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Hello! I’m JC!

I’m a web developer for straight 5 years now.

All I can say is that I love what I am doing.

As a web developer, you can be a tech-savvy nerd for a day and be an artist or maybe a poet the next day. I say this because coding is not just a job for me. It is where I can express myself, what I love, and what I have in mind. It is when I am coding, I feel the most creative.

Aside from being a developer, some parts of me want to be a writer or even an astronaut or a historian. I am fascinated by the cosmos. About how everything in the universe seems to be so fine-tuned. I love to ponder the mysteries of life. I love history, how humans before us interact, and what it is like living their life – without any modern technologies we have.

Maybe I am an ancient person resurrected in a body living in the modern world?

As a Developer


I am a full-stack developer.  I know how to code using frontend and backend tech stacks.

Aside from a full-time job, I still have some projects that allow me to grow as a developer.  I love applying my learnings in an actual project.

I love to learn. I try my best to learn even a small amount of knowledge every day. I think this is what separates me from other developers. My drive to learn and to adapt.

Soon, I want to expand my knowledge. As such, I want to learn Flutter, Electron, other AWS services, integrations with famous API’s, Blockchain.


  • PHP – Laravel, Symfony
  • Node – Express, Express Gateway
  • WordPress


  • Angular
  • Vue
  • Typescript
  • ES6


  • Docker
  • AWS – EC2, Cloudfront, Lambda, S3, RDS, IAM, SSM, Route53
  • Github Actions


  • Mysql, Meilisearch


Contact Me

Want to talk about cosmos? or want to do a project with me?