I recently joined an FB group (which I forgot the name) but the group is all about canceled food deliveries from known food delivery apps. The riders who got their parcels canceled are the ones who are posting in the group and concerned people will comment to buy the deliveries themselves. Viral posts about food riders who got their food deliveries canceled are always circulating on social media such as FB. The sympathy and anger on comments are evidence that this issue is something we should not be indifferent about. Food riders are spending money buying users’ orders and canceling the orders is simply inhuman, if not more so.

Joining the group gives me additional hope on humanity. The intention of the group is so altruistic that it lit an idea inside my head.

What if I create an app where concerned people can search and buy for these undelivered food parcels? Well, like grab food and other delivery apps but you can only choose from canceled orders near your location. Honestly speaking, the development of this app is not a small job. You need to have some experience in logistics and using GPS and / or maps effectively. Unfortunately, I do not have those skills right now.

Should you find this idea brilliant,  you can shoot me a message and we can discuss further.

Thank you for reading ?