It’s been day 4 since the Philippine Government announced an “Enhanced Quarantine” throughout the whole Philippines.

The situation here, at least in our place (Taguig), seems to be normal but the news is telling otherwise. Every day cases are consistently increasing. As of now, there are already 190+ cases recorded. There are more deaths compared to recoveries but the ratio is not that scary at the moment.

WHO announced that they estimate 75,000 cases for the Philippines for the next 3-5 months. The government already conducted stringent measures to flatten the curve and to avoid the rampant spread of the disease. This only increases my worries that one of my family might get infected.

While I am not scared of getting infected (I know I am strong and healthy), but my I am scared of what It would do with my mom. My mom is battling cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy, thus her immune system is compromised. It is up to us, her family, to be extra careful.

Luckily, I am one of the privileged Filipino workers who can afford to work from home. This would, hopefully, help me to avoid contamination. But I can’t help but think of those people who needs to go to their work because they had no choice. The doctors, nurses, policemen, soldiers, bank employees and others who are on the front lines are the real heroes here.

The “New” Norm

Since the beginning of the virus’ spread – we are allowed to do work from home. I am a web developer which allows me to work remotely provided that I have a decent internet connection. Coding 9 hours within the walls of my room will be my new “norm” this quarantine.

While I am lucky that I am still able to work despite the crisis, there are other less fortunate workers who wanted to work but just can’t due to the lockdown measures being implemented by the Government. I can’t help but think how can they survive this month-long lockdown without a decent source of income? Where will they gonna get their food? What If they need to maintain medicines?  What will happen to them?

These dire scenarios make me sad  knowing the fact that I don’t have enough means to help those people in need.  These will be their new norm now (for at least a month). These people will do anything they need in the midst trying times like this.  Can we blame them for going outside to work?  Can we blame them to ask the Government for more help? They had no choice.

What Now?

For now, me and my family will standby and pray that this virus will stop from infecting more people.  We will stay at home if there would be no pressing concerns outside.  We will be extra careful and cautious in everything we do. I will try to stay fit and healthy. I will try to document everything I can during these times. Let see what happens from here.

People of the Philippines, we are one in this fight!