Today is the 5th day of the quarantine. It’s been a week since I go out. That will not last long because I have to accompany my mom for her chemotherapy tomorrow. The chemotherapy is not our big enemy tomorrow but the possible exposure to the virus outside. I’m somewhat scared but I have faith that God will be with us the whole journey.

Anyway, this day is busy. I am working on a big integration on one of our systems. I do the usual things – coding, exercising and surfing the internet for news.

I appreciate how some politicians do their best to alleviate the situation. Vico Sotto, the mayor of Pasig, is such a big star on social media right now. His “modern” style on governance is his biggest asset against the crisis. At the age of 29, he already proved himself as a politician to be reckoned with. I felt his sincerity on all the things he does for his people. Drones for spraying disinfectants? A big check! 150, 000, 000 php+ of supplies? A big check! Being on the ground to experience the situation? Biggest check!

Want to know the current numbers on COVID-19?


What you can do this quarantine?


This is obvious and necessary. If you want to do home exercises make sure you do “compound exercises” as much as possible. Compound exercises are exercises targetting different body parts at the same time. If you have only dumbbells at your disposal you can try the following:

Play Cardboard Games With Your Family

I have written article on cardboard games that you can play ?Check this out here. I have not included Unstable Unicorn there, it is also a good game ?

Rekindle With Your Passion

Do you love to draw but no time because of work? Then this the best time for you to rekindle your passions!

Do you love to code? Then create that next big app!

Do you love to write? Then start a blog now and contact me to create one for you ?

Do you want to cook but only know how to cook pancit canton? Now is the best time to learn!

Read, Read and Read!

Aside from binge watching Netflix, have you consider binge reading? Netflix is niche, try reading instead! Surely, after a month of quarantine you’ll learn a lot! Read about finance books, motivational books, you’ll learn in reading novels too.

Get Enough Sleep

This is a no brainer! For all hardworkers out there, this is the best time to sleep! A lot!


Pray the Rosary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet, the Oratio Imperata for COVID-19. Prayers is our best weapon in this trying time. This is the best time to reconnect with your spirituality and with God ?

Hope everyone is doing great this day. Let’s all pray that this virus will stop once and for all. Hoping that tomorrow the numbers will stop from rising!

We are one in this fight! ???️

#Covid19 #WeAreOneInThisFight