Today I and my brother accompanied my Mother to PGH for her chemotherapy session. We don’t own a car so we have to borrow one from the barangay. We are grateful for our Barangay Captain for letting us use the Barangay’s Ambulance and for taking us to the hospital and waiting for us to get us home. Since this is the first time I got out, since the day of the quarantine, I am pretty curious about how the outside looks like. 

To my surprise, the roads that used to be so congested are now empty. I can’t possibly believe that this could ever in my lifetime. 

The video above is the Magallanes Road.  The busy road on the way to our office is now very uncongested and only few vehicles can be seen.

The Philippine General Hospital

The PGH which used to cater hundreds of patients all over Metro Manila is now like an abandoned place. I cannot imagine how this hospital will look when it’s empty because it”s always very busy when we visit here for my mom’s chemotherapy session. Now you can count how many patients visited the hospital today.

Most of the patients here today are cancer patients. It is very crucial to have their chemotherapy performed on time. Despite the higher risk of getting infected, they had no choice but to go to the procedure. They are very brave indeed.

Other cancer patients waiting for their turns

We have waited for hours while waiting for the doctor and the HMO. We are able to meet the doctor but the HMO seems to be closed today.

Don’t stress about it, pray about it.

Long story short, my mom was not able to go through the chemotherapy session because her White Blood Cells aren’t that good and we can’t cash out 20,000 PHP at that time. So we decided to do the procedure next week and hopefully, the HMO will be open for transactions.

Despite the risk we have taken just to make sure my mom will make it to the procedure, that day is not for us. We just think positively that this might be a blessing in disguise. Who knows what might happen if we ought to continue with the chemotherapy?

At the end of the day, we are still thankful. There are others out there who want to go to the hospital but just can’t specially in situations like this.  Instead of whining about how the things go astray we just decided to pray about it.

After all, it is not that scary outside. I appreciate how Filipinos responded well to the Government’s quarantine measures. Many stayed at their home but there are still hard-headed Filipinos who chose not to follow. Hopefully, the LGU’s become more effective in monitoring these kind of people. They are putting many lives to risk.

Next days would be usual again. Me, staying at the house and web development. At least, this day is somewhat different. Oh, how I missed the outside world!