As a freelance developer, when we are starting an application we have some sort of “template” or “boilerplate” to kickstart our projects faster. This might include an admin site, an auth server, a front end, etc. Some of us might even start from scratch and spend many hours just bootstrapping our applications. This happens to me very often that I decided to create an open-source project that will help my fellow freelancers to kickstart their applications without thinking the basic functionalities that an application will be needing.

The plan is to create code boilerplates that will bootstrap any applications that will be needing Admin / Backoffice systems, an authentication service, and a decent SPA frontend. The project will consist of small microservices e.g auth service, user service, product service, payment service, etc that can be interconnected with each other but are loosely coupled.

I already started the Admin Frontend via Angular and Admin LTE (2 open-source projects) and you can check it here: I will be updating it from time to time but it will always be nice if some Filipino developers can help with the project 🙂

My fellow Filipino Freelancers, let’s start a project that will benefit us all in the long run. I don’t know, but I seldom see open-source Filipino developers and it would be an honor to work with you all. If you are interested just send a PR or email me at [email protected]

What I’ve Done So Far