Since I started working professionally as a web and mobile developer it is always my dream to start a web and mobile development agency that will be of help to starting entrepreneurs/businesses to start their online presence and to boost their operational functions. As such, It is my utmost desire to provide these businesses/entrepreneurs with cost-efficient integration with technologies that will be surely worth investing.

Today, I proudly announce the start of our development journey here at Koala Technologies! We will aim to provide clients with well-designed and well-developed systems and websites.

What We Do?


From mobile applications to websites to enterprise softwares, we got you covered! We are well-equipped with the skills and experience to build applications you need! We are a team of developers that have been working on different applications day in and out. This is our craft and our passion. We assure you that the products we developed are of the best quality and will never disappoint.

Social Media Management

You may opt to have us manage your online presence and marketing on social media and boost your reach and engagement.

Cloud Infrastructure

We have a decade of experience on deploying and maintaining large applications using latest technologies such as Docker and AWS. We can make your business applications scalable and fault tolerant. I mean, zero downtime!

Technical Consultation

Do not know where to start? Do you need experts on assessing technical needs for your company? Don’t worry, we do research and assessment to help you with the right track.

Any questions?

Do not hesitate to shoot as an email.

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