My Mom Is My Superhero

Written by jcfrane

March 14, 2021

As of writing this article, my mom is not in good condition. She suffered a lot from cancer but that is not what this article is all about.  I want to present her as what she really is before cancer somewhat taken over her body. I don’t want people to see her as a sickly fragile person. I want people to know how faithful, kind, brave and happy my nanay is embarassed I will write about how this woman inspired me to be a lot better and how she was able to touch a lot of lives.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a goodbye. We believe that God will heal her in his perfect timing.

A Happy Girl

There is this aura about her that somehow made every situations a lot lighter and fun. She is known for her humor and charisma among her friends. There is really no boring moments when you are with her. She is a happy-going person. My Nanay unknowingly made me realize that life should be fun and we should really not focus on negative vibes.  I am sure that all her friends treasure those moments they had with my Nanay. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a goodbye. I know one day we will get to experience again this kind of happiness when we are with her.

A Brave Warrior

For 5 years she fought cancer and still fighting it with courage. Many sessions of chemotherapy, oral-pills, procedures, and operations but her fighting spirit remains firm. No single word of hopelessness and despair has been uttered by her lips even in most painful and dire situations.   Never we heard of words like “Di ko na kaya.”, “Hirap na ako.”, “Ayaw ko na”. 

I really don’t know what bravery is until my mom showed it to me.

My mom is a warrior of God. When she’s weak and scared she call to the Lord to help her and give her strength. God always answers her fervent prayers. She is this brave because she knows she is not fighting alone. We are with her along with our Creator when she is facing a battle. 

I know one day will come, that the battle will be won by my Nanay. 

A Kind Samaritan

As a son, I am very proud of my Nanay. She never speaks of her good deeds to others but I will proudly tell it to you right now (I hope she won’t get mad when she read this.) 

My Nanay is very generous. Even we are facing financial problems due to her medications she will never forget to help others through simple means. She always gives food to poor people in our community.  She always donates small amounts of money to good deeds. She bought supplies during Christmas and New Year and give them to the poor. She always helps her friends with their problems be it financial or spiritual. Her heart is full of joy doing those things. It’s her mission, it’s her calling. Never did she mention any of these on her Facebook profile and never did she allow others to know who give them the help.  When there is no help to give, she will always offer prayers for those in need.

She is always there for others. She is always ready to listen to their problems and always sympathize with them. She was able to always put her feet in others’ shoes. She literally loves everyone that’s why everyone loves her too.

I will never forget the time we just came home from the hospital after she survived a procedure that almost got her killed. Do you know what’s the first thing in her mind? She needs to help. She requested me to buy 2 sacks of rice and distribute them to the poor. This woman never fails to amaze me with her kindness and generosity.

My mom really made me realize that being rich is really not the ultimate goal in life. She made me realize that service and charity are what we should aspire to. 

A Faithful Servant

My mother is a devotee of Divine Mercy and a firm believer of the Mama Mary. She is a member of Friends of Divine Mercy and she spearheads Fatima missions on our barangay. My mom was able to cultivate the faith in our barangay to be stronger than before. Many join her with her mission of inspiring and converting others through faithful prayers to Divine Mercy and Mama Mary.

This is my Nanay’s mission – to be a FAITHFUL SERVANT to God through consistent praying, serving the community, helping the poor, visiting the sick and the prisoners, spreading the miracles of God through her, and just being a kind human being.

My Nanay never doubted God even in her most dire situations. She trusted God with her whole heart that if our Lord Jesus Christ was able to heal the leper and raise a dead then he will surely be able to heal her.

She always offered her pain and suffering to the conversion of sins and salvation of souls. I will never forget the day she told me that she is willing to take more sufferings because she knows that it will not be in vain. And that hits me really hard. This woman has achieved such faith that she was really willing to do everything to impress our God.

I know God has seen everything. She has seen through her heart and that God used her to become an instrument to inspire others and that sinners who heard from her will be converted.

My Nanay is my one and only superhero here on Earth. She may not be as physically strong as Superman but she will be able to move mountains with her faith. She may not be as fast as Flash but her prayers reaches heaven faster than Flash’s movement speed. She may not be as agile as Spiderman but she is always agile to help others. She may not be Wonder Woman, but she is as beautiful as her.

Proud son here.

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  1. Ed

    Your Nanay is my beloved sister. Your blog is a clear and genuine reflection of your deep love to your Nanay. GOD as always has great plans for each one of us. Your Nanay is an instrument for you to feel and experience GOD’s love.🙏♥️🙏 Nanay is making GOD very proud because of everything she has done. We will always hold on to GOD’s promise of eternal life. Our life on earth is temporary and your Nanay is living her life which GOD has designed for her. Let us give our full trust to our GOD.🙏♥️🙏

  2. Billy Dionisio

    Great writing for one’s mother that touches the core of any child’s heart! If your mother is your superwoman JC, you are indeed her superson! Your nanay is so blessed to have a son whose love for her endures the touchest tests of life & time! May your nanay be healed in God’s faithful time!


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