Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better

I’ve known JC to be the go-to-person for anything new in Zimi Tech. His passion and dedication for doing new technologies and new approaches led the team to better opportunities and better exposure to the demands of the market.
His quick grasp on ideas and concepts is undeniably strong and turns out his best asset which led to high productivity and quick delivery of tasks assigned of him. His desire to learn more on other things and sharing it with the team has helped a lot on our productivity and in delivering reusable and elegant codes.
He has shown that he’s dependable and a team player by always lending a hand to whoever needs some help.
He’s a tough developer to reckon with in any team he will be on.Melvin Protacio

Melvin Protacio

Software Architect / Zimitech Inc.
JC is a very reliable developer, his strong points are his passion about software development, learning, and cool attitude towards work and his teammates. He is a very reliable developer and can single-handedly build almost any web applications as needed. He is very capable of being a Lead Develper on any project while mentoring junior developers.Mark Rosario

Mark Rosario

DevOps Engineer / Salarium
Started as an intern with Creating Info, JC slowly went up the ranks through his work ethic and his strong grasp of the Symfony framework. Eventually JC was absorbed by the company, proving that Creating Info’s internship program is truly a success. JC is always willing learner, and doesn’t mind learning new techniques from time-to-time.John Paul Bautista

John Paul Bautista

Full Stack Developer / Puzzel