When Accepting Help Might Lead You To Stressed, Controlled and Manipulated Life

Written by jcfrane

September 12, 2020

We are just people and there are times that we struggle so much in life and needed other to lift us up. It is not wrong to ask for help if you really need it. But sometimes, accepting help from others might lead you to a stressed, controlled, and manipulated life especially if the person who helped you thought he / she had helped you too much that they think you owe them your life.

Some people, when they helped you and you thought that is genuine help from a genuine friend, will expect A LOT FROM YOU. Of course, you need to give back to that person, but somehow this kind of people wanted more. They want you to live the way they wanted. They wanted you to think that everything you have right now is because of them. They will chain you and will give you up when you weren’t able to do the things they deemed are right. These people will ridicule you and will always imply that you are a very ungrateful person when in fact you will pay them or you have already paid them for their help.

Some of you might find it very hard to separate from these people not because you are benefitting so much, but because you might have started a business with them and that you are the one who is facing your clients. You might have had an agreement with them that might ruin you when you try to avoid them. These are very hard situations indeed.

Try to avoid help especially when starting a business or working for your self-development when you know you can do it on your own. You might end up in a relationship that will shackle you from obtaining the goal you had in the very first place. Be self-reliant and know you can do things your way.

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